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Dry Type Transformer

SC(B)10SC(B)11 type power transformer produced by our factory is low noise and low loss type resin wound coil dry type transformer which has received the product type certificate earlier in China.

  • Advanced design
  • High quality materials
  • Scientific formula
  • Strict technology
  • High standard testing

Oil-Filled Transformer

Implement the national standard GBI094 “power transformer” and GB/T6451 “three-phase oil-immersed power transformer technical parameters and requirements” IEC60076-1:2011 power transformer, JB/T10088-20046kV-500kV level power transformer sound level.

This transformer series with superior performance, low noise operation, compact structure, is a new generation of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products.

It adopts a fully sealed corrugated oil tank structure, transformer oil and surrounding air do not contact, so the transformer oil will not absorb external moisture, thus will not reduce the insulation strength: In addition, because oxygen can not enter the oil tank, thus avoiding the aging of insulation materials, improve the service life of the product, but also improve the social benefits.

YinXing: Your Reliable Power Transformer Supplier

established in September 2008, and is a professional designated supplier for the agreement inventory project of the State Grid Corporation. Our company specializes in research and development, manufacturing and sales of high and low voltage power equipment, power engineering, etc. Our products are widely used in State Grid’s urban and rural network transformation projects, factories and enterprises, real estate, hospitals, railroads, highways and other fields.

The main products include: transformers (oil-immersed, dry type), box-type substations (American, European), ring network cabinets, high-voltage switchgear (KYN28, HXGN, XGN2, etc.), electrical system tap boxes, low-voltage switchgear (MNS, GCS, GCK, GGD, etc.) The products include high and low voltage prepaid measuring devices, high and low voltage capacitor compensation cabinets, JP cabinets, distribution boxes, meter boxes, etc.

YINXING pursues the quality policy of “quality first, careful design, improvement and innovation, and customer satisfaction”, and has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification and ISO24001-2004 environmental management system certification. All the products of YINXING Power have obtained the relevant national certifications (CQC voluntary certification and CCC mandatory certification). YINXING has a professional and perfect after-sales service team to ensure that we can quickly and accurately solve the problems that arise in the process of using our products.

With the enterprise spirit of “professional, dedicated and efficient”, YINXING Power insists on the service tenet of “customer first, integrity and win-win”. We will serve you wholeheartedly with excellent products, sincere service and excellent reputation!

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